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Business – to – Business

What are the Business -to- business policies?

Business – to – Business

The business – to – business sections are for businesses and commercial entities to submit postings advertising items for sale to other businesses, rather than private individuals. Please avoid putting your phone number or URL in the title of your ad.

 Business for Sale

 This section is meant for use by business owners who want to sell their established businesses, to be owned and operated by someone else.

 The “business for sale” section is not meant to be used by businesses or commercial entities looking for exclusively financial investors.

 Please note that we do not allow multi-level marketing, network or direct marketing, or commission based earning programs to advertise on in any category.

 The “give away” or “please contact” option is not for use if you are looking to sell your business. If the price of your business is negotiable please mention in the body of the ad that the price is negotiable and a possible price range.

 We don’t allow duplicate ads (multiple ads advertising the same businesses). Duplicate ads are extremely frustrating to our users, as they bring no value to the categories in which they appear. The repeated posting of multiple, duplicate ads may lead to a complete deletion of ALL of your ads and restriction of your use of

 Ensure your advertisement isn’t breaching any applicable laws. It is the responsibility of the advertiser before posting an ad on that content advertised adheres to Posting Policies (What are the General posting rules?) as well as applicable laws. As a condition of your use of specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws.